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Congratulations on making the choice to take control of your situation by equipping yourself with the tools to really make a difference!  Bottled Up Membership is for people who recognise the problem and are willing to take the next step: the crucial step that will change their situation.

If you want to change your situation then join Bottled Up now and become SURE.

S – Have a place where you can Share your circumstances with people who understand, people who have been there.  For some of you this may be the first time you have shared your secret with anyone.  Wouldn’t that be a relief!

U- Bottled Up provides you with articles, audios, videos and ebooks that will help you Understand your drinker’s behaviour (Why does he drink like that? Why won’t she stop? Why does he lie?).  We know how baffling, frustrating and infuriating the drinker’s behaviour can be!

R – It is well recognised that living with a drinker brings anxiety, fear and depression.  Let us show you ways to Reduce your stress, feel calmer and more in control.

E- Bottled Up is all about Empowerment!  We will show you how to start changing the drinking behaviour by identifying, things that make it worse and things that help to reduce it

Don’t Worry!

We are here to help, not to make things worse; so Bottled Up is completely secure, private and confidential.  You are welcome to stay as long as you want and you can cancel your membership anytime you wish.


I found hope

"As soon as I found Bottled Up I felt hope and it gives various strategies for coping. It's great, that's about all I can say!" M. England, Bottled-up member

I don’t feel alone anymore

"I feel Bottled Up offers me 'true' support and things have improved for me since joining. I don't feel 'alone' anymore and I can be more rational now about the 'problem'." A. UK

Fabulous supportive resource

"I felt that I just needed to make contact to thank you for this fabulous supportive resource which has inspired me with hope that things can get better." S. Australia

Do you want to be empowered in your own life?  Then join Bottled Up now

For comprehensive information on what Bottled-Up provides and what we do please click here

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