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Help at Bottled Up

We created Bottled Up because we want to help people to cope with the challenges of living with an alcoholic.  We understand what those challenges feel like and the sense of helplessness and hopelessness that are part of it.

We understand the conflict of loving a partner and wanting a relationship to work while sometimes feeling that we hate them and want them to leave.

We understand the frustration of being continually told that the only answer is to leave, when you love your drinker and just want to make it work.

We understand the shame, the guilt, the secrecy, the isolation, the "Why me", the desperation and the fear.  We understand because, like you, we lived it.

But that experience is not all we have to give, we are also professionals who have taught hundreds of alcohol counsellors and have a private counselling practice.  So this gives us a broader, more rounded approach that takes the best from research and theory and tests it in the light of our personal experience to produce a program that works.

We created the Bottled Up Program to give you the benefit of our experience and professional expertise.  However, we recognise that we are all different and need different levels and styles of help and support, so we have created a number of ways for you to access the program and the help that is available. in a number of ways.

Bottled Up member says

Joining Bottled up, gave me the courage to speak to a trustworthy individual here who gave me the name of an addiction therapist . My husband has been going regularly

The Program

The program is divided into two modules.  Module 1 has been designed to empower you, to reduce the feelings of helplessness, shame and guilt.  In this module we urge you to step out of the secrecy and disclose your situation to a trusted friend and get some support.  This module also shows you why some of the perfectly normal and understandable strategies that you have employed don't work, in fact may be making things worse.

In Module 2 we introduce you to the main tools of the program HOPE, SHARE and LOVE.  These tools are designed to help you view you, your drinker and your situation in a different way, a way that allows more scope for setting boundaries and changing your situation.

We strongly suggest that you work through the program in the way we present it, ie Module 1 first then Module 2.  However we recognise that you may want to tackle it in a different way.

Each of the Modules has 6 audios (around 3 hours) as well as a workbook for each of the audios. You can access the program in the following ways.

Bottled Up member says

Bottled Up is giving me the tools to better understand his behaviour and to better live my life without living in fear

Website membership

Join the hundreds people like you who have become members of Bottled Up.  Apart from the program the website has another 15-20 hours of audios and videos, around 20 articles and, perhaps the best part, a very supportive Forum where members share and support each other.  You can join as a Monthly or Annual member.  You can join the website here.

Program to take away

We realise that many of you do not want to join a self-help group, for many reasons.  So we have made the program available in three versions.  Module 1, Module 2 and Modules 1 & 2.  As we said above we strongly suggest that Modules 1 & 2 are taken together.  You can find the Bottled Up program to take away here.

Bottled Up member says

I have found Bottled-Up to be of great help in changing my own behaviour - I realised that if I simply kept on repeating nagging, arguing, threatening etc, I would just repeat the same cycle as before. By staying calm and applying the principles I read about I have managed to open a more meaningful dialogue with my partner, and she has sought out therapy on her own.

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