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Can Bottled Up Help Me?  - The answer is yes, absolutely!

We can help you and we can help you to help your alcoholic.

First and most important – You will no longer be alone.

Living with an alcoholic is a lonely place.  We know how you feel because we’ve been there created this website that's why we created this website. 

But it not just us, there is a great community of people from all over the world who are in the same position you are and are generous in their support and advice.  So you can share how you feel, the frustration, disappointment, anger, despair, fear, hope and joy.  You can let all these feelings and emotions out without feeling ashamed or guilty.  How good would that feel?


You can get information, advice and the answers.

Lou lived with a drinker for 29 years and John was an addict and alcoholic.  Both are open about their experiences, the highs and the lows.  If you want to know what the alcoholic thinks, feels and what motivates the behaviour then you can find it here.  Normally this topic is discussed from the partner’s viewpoint.  In Bottled Up we present both views to help give you a better understanding. 


There are no judgements at Bottled Up

We recognise that you love your alcoholic and want to make your life together better.  That is great!  Bottled Up was created for that very purpose.  You won’t be told to leave (unless you or your children are in danger), or that there is something wrong with you for staying.  No one is going to tell you what to do, or how to live your life.  There is plenty of information and advice but the decisions are all yours.



You can access Bottled Up whenever and wherever you want

Bottled Up never closes, it's open 24 hours a day and can be accessed from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.  So you can get it on your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. 

In fact, you don’t even need the internet as there are over 24 hours of audios and hours of videos on relevant topics (and growing all the time).  All this material can be downloaded onto an Mp3 player or smartphone, so you can takes us for a walk with you.  You can burn the audios onto a cd or memory stick and listen to us in the car.


You can stay private and anonymous

Bottled Up is a membership website, so the only people with access to the forum are members who are walking the same path as you.  We don’t have any casual browsers who leave ill-informed comments.  For this reason the forum is not available in the free membership area.

You can reveal as much or as little of yourself as you choose.  Some members pile straight in, just relieved to be able to share in safety.  Others stay in the background for a while until they feel safe.  Some others stay completely in the background and retain complete anonymity.  Which is best?  Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine by us.


If you want something more systematic – there is a program

Bottled Up has a systematic program that helps you address the issues in your life.  It is in two parts, the first concentrates on empowering you and showing you how to move out of your isolation and secrecy into having a more supportive environment. 

The second part concentrates more on your relationship with your drinker showing you ways that can influence the drinking behaviour.  The program is laid out in a step by step format with 6 hours of audios and helpful workbooks.  We guarantee your life will change if you follow this program.


Low cost, affordable membership fee

One of the guiding principles of setting up this website was that it needed to be affordable for all.  Therefore we set the fee at $12.50 (£10) a month; if you join for 6 months the fee is $60 ($48)  which is about 5 weeks free, or if you decide to commit to an annual membership then at $110 (£90) you get 3 months free as it works out at $2.25 (£1.80) a week.  We think that this is a good deal, let's face it, you can't get a cup of coffee for that price these days.

As a comparison most self help groups, which are supported by contributions You could pay as much or even more.  For example  if you went to one meeting a week for a year and made the low donation of $1 (they are self-supporting and you ARE expected to donate) then you would pay $50 plus you would be expected to buy the books and literature, maybe another $30.  We provide 24/7 access and hours of audio and video.  Also, we are trained professionals as well as fellow travellers.

Finally, if you feel that you would like to join but the only thing stopping you is that you cannot afford the fee, get in touch with us.  We would much prefer that people were helped than not.



All material copyright Lou Lewis and John McMahon © 2018

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