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Live with an alcoholic?

Feeling helpless and frustrated?

Do you want answers and more control in your life?

At Bottled-up we have taken the best of traditional programs for the families of alcoholics and blended it with new research, then filtered it through our own personal experience to create a new unique program of action.  Our goal was to create a program that will empower you to take more control of your life. 

 The Bottled Up website was originally opened in autumn of 2009 and since then we have had time to refine the original program, through feedback from members, writing the Bottled Up book and creating a step by step version complete with audios and workbooks. 

Using the tools in Bottled Up you can

  • Improve your home and social life
  • Reduce the impact of drinking on your life
  • Improve your relationship
  • Make it more likely that he will get help for his drinking


Living with an alcoholic can be confusing, frustrating and leave you little time to study something new.  So, we will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to use Bottled Up to improve your life style and to help yourself.  Bottled up is designed to specifically achieve a number of goals.  These are:

  • To ensure safety for you, your family and your home
  • To improve and preserve your relationship with your drinker (although we do recognise that this may not always be possible)
  • To create a smooth dialogue between you and your drinker, where you can discuss drinking issues in a practical and productive way.
  • To give you information, advice and practical solutions and show you what behaviours only make matters worse and how to reduce them.
  • To help you feel more in control of your situation and to empower you
  • To reduce the impact of drinking on your life and family.

Do you want more out of your life with an alcoholic?

In Bottled Up we show you how to achieve that.  We show you how to make the most of those good times that you may be currently missing. 

We encourage you to build with your drinker and to create a better relationship, a relationship where there is mutual appreciation and trust.  This situation will become an added incentive for him to change his drinking behaviour.

If you want to have better relations with your partner and yourself, then you can learn how to rediscover the man, or woman, you once loved. 

And you can improve how you feel about yourself as you start to feel empowered and more positive.

 Would it be useful to share with someone who has been where you are?  Lou’s husband was a problem drinker and she lived with him for 29 years.  She will share her experiences, pain, triumphs and insights on Bottled-up.

  • What do I say to the children?
  • Should I leave him?
  • I read all these books that say I should not phone his boss and make excuses if he is drinking, but we need his salary.  What should I do?

Would you like to understand the mind of your drinker better?  John was treated on numerous occasions for drink and drugs and was finally hospitalised to be dried out.  He has now been clean and sober since 1984, has treated alcoholics and trained hundreds of drug and alcohol counsellors.  He has a deep insight into the mind of the drinker and shares this on Bottled-up.  Do you want answers to questions such as

  • Why does he drink?
  • How can he say he loves me and continue to drink like that?
  • Why won't he stop drinking?


Become part of a community?

Get help and support

At Bottled-up we are creating a community.  You will be able to interact others who are in a similar position to you, who have the same fears and frustrations as you.

You don’t have to bottle things up at Bottled-up. 

You don’t have to be secretive!

You don’t have to feel ashamed!

In Bottled-up you can be yourself!

At Bottled-up we work for each other, giving love and support.

You are no longer alone!


Don’t delay, come and join Bottled-up now!

Low Cost Membership

You probably think that for all of that the membership fee will be very expensive.  Well you would be wrong.

We have deliberately kept the cost of membership to Bottled-up low because we want as many people as possible to be able to access the help and support available at Bottled-up.  There are 2 Membership options $60 (£40) for an annual membership or $10 (£6) for a monthly membership.  This gives you a rare opportunity to access professional help and advice with minimal financial outlay on your part, in addition to the many other features of Bottled-up. 

But I can get help and support free from other organisations, so why would I pay to join this group? 

Good question, why would you buy something if you can get the same thing free elsewhere?  Doesn’t make sense to me either.  However there are two issues here.  Is it the same and what do you actually mean by free?

Bottled-up is not the same as other organisations (eg Alanon), it does not try to be them, use the same program or try to emulate them.  We admire and support any organisation or group that provides help to people who need it and are happy to work with them.  We are not in competition!

In Bottled-up we provide a completely unique service.  Members have access to professional help which can provide them with answers to their burning questions.  These are answers that are rooted in the latest research and best practice as well as experience. We also take your hand and walk you through a brand new program designed to help you to take some control of your life and reduce the impact that alcohol is having.

You might argue that it is better to talk to someone who has “Walked the walk and so can talk the talk”.  There is some truth in that, but only some.  Ask yourself would you ask someone who flunked school to teach your children?  Would you ask a mother with no qualifications to deliver your baby?  Would you ask an ex-psychiatric patient to treat your depression?  I suspect the answer would be no!  You would rather have someone who was qualified, a teacher for your kids, a midwife for your baby and a psychiatrist for your depression.  Having walked the walk is not enough in itself. 

If however, these professionals had also “Walked the walk” themselves, then that is even better.  It adds personal experience to the theory, as they have a more personal understanding of what works and what doesn’t.  And they understand the emotional and psychological impact of the situation.  That is, they know where you are coming from.

That is what you get in this website.  We are Professionals who have walked the walk.  You get latest theory and practice, but you get it percolated through experience.  This is a very powerful combination.

We have been there and now we want to use the combination of our professional training and our experience to help you!

Yes but these other organisations are still free! 

When you look round the web there appear to be two approaches used by helping type groups.  In one, access is free and they provide some information and a forum where members share their experiences.  After you join you generally need to buy books to learn about the philosophy and program, and you may be asked to donate.  In the other approach you pay a flat fee up front and all the information and program are free. 

At Bottled-up we decide on the latter approach.  Firstly we believe that confidentiality is important to you and having an admission fee is a deterrent to the casual browsers who sometimes join free groups through boredom or mischief making. 

Second paying a fee is also a commitment and makes it more likely that you will use the website to its best advantage and therefore get more from it.  It is an unfortunate fact that people rarely value what they get for nothing.  However we have kept the fee very low to make it affordable.

One interesting fact.  John (an author of Bottled-up) calculated that in over 20 years of being a member and running 12 step groups he had paid out in the region of £10,000 ($16,000) in donations for attending meetings.  He did not begrudge a penny, but it makes an interesting comparison when comparing free (donation only) and paid for services.



So that you feel completely secure about the next step, we suggest that you take a moment to read the following paragraphs.

We know that some people can be uncomfortable about using a credit card on the internet.  For that reason we have decided to use the best and most secure payment scheme on the web – Paypal.  We have used Paypal for over 5 years, with our 24/7 Help Yourself account, and can testify to its security and professionalism.  The total security of the system guarantees that your details are kept safe and confidential.  In fact the sign up system allows you to check on the payment transaction and the status of your account any time you please.  Unfortunately because it places such a high emphasis on security it is not the quickest system to use.  However it is straightforward enough and there are plenty of instructions.  Just follow those instructions for a completely safe transaction.

For Further Peace of Mind


Lou and John want Bottled-up to be a service and a community where you will feel valued and will gain help and support.  We therefore want you to feel comfortable about joining.  For that reason we will remove the risk of joining this website by giving you a full 30 day guarantee.  That is, if within the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied we will return your money in full, no questions asked.

How to Join

You should first choose whether you wish to join with a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.  There is no difference in status, both have full access to the whole website with all the articles, audios, videos and webinars, (however in the monthly option the program is delivered by email twice a month whereas annual members have access to the entire program on registration).  When you have chosen your subscription method click on next and you will be taken to the sign up process.

To make sure that the sign up process is totally secure, there are two stages to joining Bottled-up.  In the first stage you enter your details for the Bottled-up website.  This way we can contact you to tell you about changes in the website, forthcoming teleconferences and also so that you become part of the community.  After joining, how much information you make available is completely up to you and within your control, literally.  You have a control panel where you decide what information others see.  You can even have a photo album if you want, or remain completely anonymous if you prefer.

The second stage takes you to the totally secure payment system Paypal.  You will see that this account is under our trading name 24/7 Help Yourself.  If you have a Paypal account, you can pay using that account.  If you do not have an existing Paypal account, click on the link at the bottom of the page to pay using a credit or a debit card.  Please have your card ready and follow the instructions.  Fill in all the required information and click on the pay button.  When you have completed the form, click on the link “Return to merchant” and you will be returned to Bottled-up. 

You will now have complete access to the members section of the website.  We hope that you get all the help and support that you need here.  We look forward to meeting with you online.

Join Bottled Up Now


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