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Just for you, but also for them.

If you are reading this page then I want to assure you that you have made a very important step on the path of change.

Maybe you are here out of sheer desperation. Your relationship and family life are spiraling out of control and you simply don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe the fact that you are here is a good sign. For the first time in ages you have a bit of time to research some key answers to some burning questions.

Maybe you’re here because someone you love is being driven to the brink by another person's constant drinking and you want to help them . You may be seeking help for your partner, your parents, your children or your close friend and if that is the case then you almost certainly could do with some support and help yourself!

What ever reason you are here, you are most welcome. In this place you will find people who feel as you do and experience the same perplexities, calamities and upheavals that few people can really understand unless they’ve truly been there.

And I actually have. I can truly say that I have experienced this most difficult pathway and felt the roller-coaster of emotions that comes with it. In some ways at this point I would love to step down out of the page and introduce myself in person but in other ways I am glad of the anonymity for your sake. I know how hard it is to reach out and seek help ………. to break the code of secrecy that wraps itself around this issue so that even a small step towards exposing our  dilemma wracks us with shame and guilt.

This is a place where you can stop and rest, start and think and take stock.

This is a place where you can tell, without anyone knowing that you have told except those who understand telling is the hardest thing to do.

This is a place where you can get mad in a safe place, get sad in a warm place and grow in wisdom and understanding about the complicated issues you are facing, hopefully offered in a non-prescriptive and compassionate way . 

This is a place where you can start working on things that will bring healing to your relationship and stop some of the things that are tearing it apart. 

This is a place you can access morning, noon or night in the comfort of your own home; far away from prying eyes .

And this is a place where you can take stock of the past make changes in the present and plan towards a future that contains hope and the seeds of lasting change.

This is a safe place!

Again I say welcome. There are many and varied ways of accessing our programme as we wanted to make it as flexible as possible.  But I do say unashamedly that my secret hope is that you will take that brave step of actually joining our website community.

I assure you that no one will pressure you or insist you approach things in any particular style or fashion. This is your website………. available as and when you need it.  At your pace and in your time towards goals that will be uniquely constructed just for you, (but also for them!).

With my heartfelt best wishes,

Lou Lewis

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