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Help Us Help the Families of Alcoholics

We started Bottled Up because of a few facts

Fact 1 - There are millions of alcoholics in the world.  No one knows just how many; estimates vary between 1% and 10% of the population.

Fact 2 - Almost every alcoholic affects someone else.  Received wisdom suggests that every alcoholic affects at least 3 other people.  That's a lot of people who suffer from someone else's drinking.

Fact 3 - Economically ‘passive alcoholism’ places a huge burden on any country. For example, psychiatric problems, such as depression and anxiety, are 300% higher among the partners’ of alcoholics than in the general population.  Divorce rates are higher and there is a higher percentage of single parent families.  The children have higher rates of truancy, delinquency and addiction.  And the use of medical facilities for the whole family tends to be around twice those of families where alcoholism is not a problem.

Fact 4 - The human cost to the families themselves is immeasurable.

Fact 5 - The costs (both economic and human) can be reduced considerably by providing help and support.

Fact 6 - The care system does not provide that help and support.

Fact 7 - Bottled Up does!

Help us to help them

Since the beginning of Bottled Up (back in 2009) we have subsidised Bottled Up.  The membership fees that we charge cover the hosting and some of the software that we use to keep the website up, running and as user friendly as possible.  However there is very little left over.  It definitely does not cover the time that we put into the website, we take nothing for ourselves, anything that is left goes back in to improve the website.

Please don't hear any of this as a complaint, it is not meant to be.  We feel privileged to be able to use the knowledge and experience that we have to provide some help and support to people who live with an alcoholic.  However, if we are going to improve the help and support that we provide or make it available to a wider population we need some funding to achieve that.

If you have been touched by alcoholism in your family, and so many families have, then you might want to help us to help others.  Any donations that we receive will go straight back into the website to make it more widely available.

Thank you to all of you who help, we appreciate it and the people we help also appreciate it.


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