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alcoholism videos

Here are our thoughts on some of the burning questions that people have about alcoholism.  We hope that you find them useful.  However, please remember that these are our personal experiences and they may, or may not, be what you or your partner experiences.

Our style of recording is very loose, this is deliberate.  We sit on a couch, start a video camera and talk.  We don't use a script and we don't carry out much editing.  When we asked our members if we should change this style, the majority said that they liked it as it felt more intimate, as if we were sitting on their couches talking to them instead of lecturing.  So we have have kept that style.  Hope you like it, if you do let us know.

What is an alcoholic?

Here John and Lou discuss the term alcoholic and one of the problems that arise from using the word alcoholic.  As John says here "everybody has a different understanding of an alcoholic is and that can lead to difficulties when using the term with the drinker",

You can find out more about this issue at this page on alcoholism.

Does he have a drinking problem?

Most people who ask us this question are looking for a definitive diagnosis - Yes she is an alcoholic!  or Yes he is definitely dependent on booze and needs to stop!!  What they are looking for is the ammunition to approach their drinker.  He has denied being an alcoholic so many times, but you know, deep down inside, you know she is an alcoholic, if only you could find the proof.

We look at drinking problems in a different, and more useful way.  We don't look at the issue as his or her problem.  If her drinking is causing arguments in the relationship or his driving while intoxicated could lose him his licence and job and your livelihood then the problem concerns you both.

We used this approach to create a tool, SHARE, that helps you discuss the problem.  You can find out all about share in the Annual and Monthly membership.

What does the alcoholic get from drinking?

In this video John opens up about how alcohol affected him and how he felt without it. 

The feedback we have received from other alcoholics is that many of them felt very similar and had much the same relationship with alcohol.

A Message from Lou

In this video Lou talks a little about herself and about the benefits of joining Bottled Up as a full member.  We believe that the information in Bottled Up is good but it is action and not information that brings change.

Should I leave?

Of all the videos that we have made this has been the most watched.  We believe that one of the main reasons is that so many of you, when you finally pluck up the courage to tell someone about your situation, are given the simplistic advice - "Get out/throw him/her out".

This completely fails to recognise that the drinker is more than just a problem. He/she is actually a person that you chose to spend a great part of your life with. These advice givers cannot seem to comprehend that you still love the person - not the drinking. What you are looking to find is a way to live with your drinker - preferably without the drinking!

All material copyright Lou Lewis and John McMahon © 2018

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