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10 Simple Changes to Empower Your Life with a Problem Drinker

A series of audios to help you

If you live with a problem drinker or an alcoholic, this series of 10 audios was recorded especially for you.  If you are reading this page, it is probable that you feel as if your life is completely out of control.  You can’t plan anything in advance as you don’t know if he[1] will be there, be sober or behave.  Almost certainly you will feel that your social circle is shrinking, as you feel the guilt and shame that is often associated with his drinking and the things that he says or does when he is drunk.  You may have tried many different ways to stop your partner drinking but nothing seems to help and you feel anxious, distressed and angry.

To help you we have created this series of 10 audios, delivered to your email inbox on a daily basis.  In these audios we discuss the reality of living with a drinker and how you may improve your life.  To do this we draw on all of our experience (Lou lived with a problem drinker for 27 years, John was an alcoholic sober now for 27 years, Lou is a counsellor, John is a psychologist). 

Each audio contains information, advice and helpful tips to improve your life and situation, from two people who have experienced this issue from both sides; a combination we believe to be very powerful.  We know also that listening to an audio will not change your life.  What will change your life is action!  For that reason each audio ends with an exercise to complete that week, exercises that build into a powerful blue print for reclaiming your life.  All of the exercises are aimed at empowering you, that is giving you back a sense of control and hope in your life.  We feel that, if you carry out these exercises, you will see a difference in your life.  In fact we are so confident that you will experience change that we even used the ‘f-word’ in one of the audios.  No not that f-word, one that you may not have used much lately ‘fun’.  Remember it?  Well we want you to experience it again. 

[1] We know that females can also drink heavily and that some of you who are reading this page may be males looking for help coping with your female drinker.  However, at present, the majority of problem drinkers are male.  Also it is much more readable to use just one gender than to alternate or write he/she, him/her.

So what’s in the audios

  • 1.       Introduction to us and the goals
  • 2.       Safety
  • 3.       The 4ps
  • 4.       Detachment
  • 5.       Dealing with emotions
  • 6.       Disclosure
  • 7.       Get a life
  • 8.       Rekindling LOVE
  • 9.       Choices and change
  • 10.   Count your blessings

These are the topics that we cover.  On average the audios last about 20-30 minutes (the emotions audio is longer), finishing with an exercise.

Why should I listen to these audios?

There are many reasons why you should listen to the audios.  Here are just a few of them

  •         To regain some control in your life
  •          To better understand the dynamics of living with a drinker
  •          To gain a sense of perspective
  •          To identify and stop doing things that make the situation worse
  •          To find a life of your own
  •          To get a bit of fun into your life

 How do i get the audios?

Getting the audios is the easy part. Just click on the button below which will take you to Paypal where you can sign up for the audios.  We have priced these audios at £1 each (approximately $1.40), to cover some of our costs.  However, since we created these audios to follow a logical progressive sequence we sell them as a course for £10 (approximately $14). As usual we cover these audios with our usual guarantee. If anytime during the first two weeks you are not satisfied with the audio we will refund your full amount and cancel the remainder of the course.  So you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Please note that these audios are provided free to current members.

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All material copyright Lou Lewis and John McMahon © 2018

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